KOPA Printing House learns to work in a team with Ambersail crew members

This training was an adventure, a challenge, and a real experience. Here are our conclusions after some practical lessons on yacht control and team competitions.

An unexpected surprise.
We learned about this ‘planned training’ just two days before the event. We always knew that we would have to take warm clothing and get sporty. “How to work as a team” and “Survival in the Storm” were the training topics.

New experiences.
Upon arrivingal to the training we were greeted by the Ambersail crew captain Paulius Kovas.
Coaching, competition, the introduction of yacht control, the crew rules and traditions, versions of tasks, competition and catching a favourable wind, running aground and still air – all in one day..! In the evening we discussed our experiences and impressions , and had a free-form lecture about experiences of the Ambersail crew as a team at sea in accordance with the project Millennium Odyssey, prepared to commemorate the Millennium of Lithuania.

The company is just like a yacht. The master’s captain’s decisions determine the course it will sail, and the crew’s ability to work in as a team determines the quality of the yacht control.
Team spirit and the ability to work in a team are best revealed not in the storm, but in the still air. All is metaphorical, but very real. As P. Kovas says: “you cannot play friendship under the sails...” And we got new ideas, learnt learned from experiences of ourselves and others, and said: what are youyou are, ; what are wewe are,  --so isthis is our relationship and the overall results of the work.

Several moments fromfrom the KOPA team in the training “Surviving the storm”:

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