Award for the printers for the design of a book about architect Algimantas Sprindys

For those who know Jovita’s attraction to architecture and her passion for her work (book design), there was no doubt that she was ideally suited for the project of designing the book about architect Algimantas Sprindys work.

“It so happens that over the course of almost ten years of living in Kaunas, I began to feel an attachment to that city: it is compact, cosy and developing. Even during the Soviet era it managed to preserve the patriotic feeling that was generated in the first independence period between the two world wars. I am delighted that I was able to design a book about an architect who designed many buildings in our interwar Capital. When doing design layouts from the copious visual material I was impressed by the architect’s dedication to hard work and his thoroughness. You could say that because of the architect’s own attitude to work, I felt obliged to respond appropriately by designing a truly professional and high quality design for the book about him.”  – book designer Jovita Bliūdžiūtė.

The book about the creative work of architect Algimantas Sprindis is one in a series of publications about Lithuanian architects. The format of the book (bound, hard cover) did not limit the book designer’s creative freedom in regard to choice of finishing materials, colours, paper and style. Since the designer was able to work with the book’s author, Associate Professor Dr Vaida Almonaitytė-Navickienė, there was a feeling of trust, with much discussion and chatting about the architect’s work and his significance for the city of Kaunas.

It is most likely that the slow but warm creative process leading to the creation of the book design had an influence on the final result. The soft moss-coloured surbalin Linea material chosen for the cover, together with the thin-line font, is reminiscent of the architect’s hand-drafted work.

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The paper used in the book – 150 g Galerie Volume – was not chosen at random: from the very start of the project it was foreseen that there would be a lot of illustrations; therefore using a high bulk matt coated paper it was possible to avoid translucence.

The page layout grid is not closed; photographs and illustrations are composed freely, so each item is individual, distinct from the others.

Classic fonts are used to match the work of the mature creative artist, a highly respected Kaunas architect. The book acquaints the reader with the essential creative characteristics and idiosyncrasies of the architect. These are illustrated with abundant hitherto unpublished iconography, contemporary accounts and drafts drawn by hand by the architect, which carry a particularly strong emotional and creative load in this context.