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Graphic Design Studio

You can’t neglect the importance of editorial design to make a publication stand out from the pack. But to properly manage how your idea is shared and perceived, technical knowledge comes into play. Whether your project calls for cover design, photo retouching or layout design, we might be able to help you.


Graphic Design Services


  • First consultation. Let’s get in touch and talk about your project. Our design consultant will guide you and discuss with you the needs you have for design, to understand what kind of solution we can provide.
  • Request submission. Send us detailed information about your publication design requirements (Exterior design, layout design or correction, retouching).
  • Quote preparation. Our team will create & send you a proposal.

KOPA’s designer team will come up with creative ideas for your publication. Our work is inspired by artistic trends currently relevant in graphics, and we’re keen on pure and minimalist aesthetics.
Publishing requires meticulous attention to detail to combine significance and style. Top-notch design will take your work to the next level and will turn your endeavour into a major publication.
Most importantly, we care about teaming up with you to find the right solution for your project. Designers at KOPA believe that good communication is essential to achieve an outcome that you’re happy with, and our international experiences contribute to the close collaboration we aim to have with you.

Do you have an idea for your new publication or maybe you want to make some corrections in existing design? Share your needs with us by email: design@kopa.lt.

Head Office in Kaunas:

  • Industrijos g. 12, Biruliškių km., Karmėlavos sen.,
       LT-54469 Kauno raj., Lithuania
  • Phone: +370 37 301 616
    Fax: +370 37 301 615
  • E-mail: info@kopa.lt

Export Department: